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These are the prizes that we won from Maxx Candy. Isn’t that so cool? And my group are all excited to use our winnings.


Contents on the box;


1. 6 NIU By Vikings buffet gift certificates
2. Maxx Gift Packs which includes 3 packs of Maxx Cherry Gums flip top bottle, 3 packs of Maxx Cherry Gums piso pack, 3 packs of Maxx Honey Lemon flip top bottle, and 3 packs of Maxx Honey Lemon piso pack.




What we did, why we won?


We joined the “#ToTheMaxxGrouffieChalenge” promo of Maxx Candy on facebook. The rules of the contest is to upload two photos; one is, to the Maxx group shot and second is, behind-the-scene photo of the “diskarte” to achieve that group shot. The following prizes are; Road trip to Enchanted Kingdom, Movie Tickets for the Barkada/Family and Barkada/Family Buffet.


Since Maxx candies  with different flavors are all available in our Sari-Sari store, I called my group to have a photo shoot and upload it to Maxx online contest. There you go, photo down below is our winning entries.



1. To the Maxx group shot.


2. Behind-the-scene photo of the “diskarte” to achieve that group shot.



…..and so we won, the Barkada/Family Buffet! Yehey! It’s our pleasure to be one of their lucky winners. Thank you Maxx Candy!




So easy huh? Why not? If you have something already and with some people around you who are eagerly cooperative to have some fun.  Sometimes, you don’t really have to dig treasures under the ground, you’ll never know, they are just around the corner waiting for you.


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