A “Halo-Halo” Treats

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It’s the season of summer and there are lots of fruits.
I can’t help myself but to treat some of my friends.
Oops! I’ve got to keep on going and be ready then…
Because I need to prepare something yummy for them.



I need a nice glass and put various of fruits on it.
I’ll smash an ice, in order to make a shaved ice, out of it.
I will add a teaspoon of sugar as a sweetener.
And pour an evaporated milk to make it tastier.



Oh yeah, I will also sprinkle it with toasted “Pinipig”
And top it with Leche Flan and a slice of Ube too.
And definitely, a scoop of ice cream to top it all.
A superb dessert..that surely my friends will like it on the end.



Halo Halo is the best food to beat the heat of the day!
Sweet, yummy, delicious! Words they can just utter.
What a day to see sweet smiles on their faces.
As their summer just made their day so special.

Halo-halo is a mixture of fruits with shaved ice. One can use a portable ice crusher or an Ice smashing electric crusher machine.