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Are you having fun doing some Foodstagram?




Well yes as a matter of fact, I do!  I like uploading my foodie pictures on foodstagram because I love to collect my foodie memories. I love looking at it in my spare time and seeing it made me realized that  I was able to create so many recipes, visited lots of restaurants, cafes, “carinderias” and eat many street foods and not to forget, I’ve eaten so many junk foods too… hehehe! All are part of my happy memories. But not all that, I’ve learned that step by step, I‘ve also been creating a better food photographs here… and I’m quite proud of myself because I’m also improving as a good smartphone photo taker. Yeah! Love it!




Whether you’re totally a newbie to photography, or a seasoned pro, there’s some basic tips to be gained. Let’s get into it.





Not all mobile cameras have the same features, and not all expensive cameras can give us a pretty cool outcome. Yes, I truly believed expensive ones, result to beautiful shots, but, even you have the best camera if you don’t know how to use it properly, it might bring your shots to disaster. So, I suggest…first things first, get to know your camera well.  Try to test it out. Your camera has different modes to work on,  learn how to use it, this will help you to control the look that you like for a shot.



It’s not because there is a food, you will take a shot immediately. That is a no, no, action for me. You have also to connect with the food, it doesn’t really need to organize, but as long it is not dirty to look at. If there lots of foods… I suggest flat lay is the awesome way  to capture it. And also if there’s only one meal or it’s just a plated one? Decorate the food, remember not only Chef are assigned to do it, but also photographers too. For example, if you are eating in a restaurant, you can just grab the vase and the napkin and put near the plated food and voila! There’s already a background. A better way  now, to start clicking! Furthermore, natural light is also best to take a shot, unless, your smartphone is equipped with a superb lighting. Remember! Don’t just take one or two, neither 3, just keep on clicking, and take pictures from a different perspective or view. In that way, you can have different choices for you to upload soon.



Ready? To showcase your food pictures on Foodstagram? For me, I like food to be uploaded as raw one. I like to see the normal colors of each food. But of course, if you like it to be more awesome and captivating, it’s also good to edit it. If you are not contented with the colors, brightness or texture, you can just easily adjust and balance it accordingly from the camera settings in your smartphones according to your likes.





Want to take great photos with mobile camera? OPPO F3 is what I can suggest for you. Yeah right! OPPO F3 #SelfieExpert smartphone is the best for Foodies. I love using this for capturing yummy foods and share it to my friends.








It’s easy to take photos if it’s sleek and light. That’s why I like using OPPO F3 not only because of its finely crafted metal body but because it is really easy to hold while concentrating to take photos. I really like it because storage are big enough for my foodie memories. With 64GB Rom, for sure, I really have plenty of room for my yummy foodies. And not only that, it’s indeed, a big help if you have a 3200 mAh long lasting battery.



Do you love to snap shot your foodie moments too? Share with me what kind of food you’ll like to take. Don’t forget to consider my tips on how to take great pics of your food. And guys, don’t forget to tag ME on my IG -@itsmealiz .  Coz’ I’m excited to see what foodie shots you’ve just posted.


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