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Happy Kalgaw Festival!



April 22, 2017, Saturday. One of the many activities during the Kalgaw Festival in Bauang is the Longest Boodle Fight. It was held  along the beach of Baccuit Sur, Bauang, La Union at lunch time. So many foods, so many participants with lots of fun.




Photo credits to Mitzi Picardal, Grax Ariola, Amy Lizardo and Jiana Estillore



Ready, Happy, Get set go! Full of excitement is what I meant.
For I’ve seen people walking on the sand with long tables on their hand.
Then, banana leaves, were spread out on each table from the ground.
And soon, foods that they brought were arranged according to their thoughts.


A long array of tables, colorful and delicious foods, so beautiful to look at.
Participants stood up on each side of the table, saying a little prayer to thank God’s blessing.
At the count of 10, everyone started to shout, till they reach 1, Oops! Silence… time to eat!
Enjoyment, laughter, filled the breezes along the seashore of Bauang. Happy tummy huh?


People don’t really mind the heat of the sun.
Because a fun filled get together is truly an event to remember.
Boodle fight, may it be shortest or longest, what matters, the happiness it brought.
Indeed, what could be more fun, to be on the sand and eat under the sun.



It’s a wonderful day to celebrate. Everyone is smiling. It’s our pleasure to have a photo remembrance with Mayor Martin.


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