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I made a graduation candy lei for my Goddaughter. Instead of giving her a flower lei, I decided to make an adorable candy lei for her. The girls in their school will wear a white dress for their graduation. I think the simple candy leis can give a little beauty in her outfit. When I showed these cute candy leis to my sisters, they said, “It’s awesome! And she can eat the candies after all.” It’s my first time to make a candy lei and I did it for half an hour.



How to make candy lei?





ribbons (different colors)
crepe paper (I use pink))


1. Lay a long strip of cellophane (at least one a yard long and two inches wide) on the table.
2. Put one candy half inch apart in the middle. I put only one because I don’t want to be bulky. Take both edges of the cellophane and fold it in the center.
3. Repeat step one and two but, use only 8 inches long cellophane.
3. Cut ribbons with the color of light yellow and pink, at least 5 inches long. Set aside.
4. Lay one and a half yard of blue ribbon at the back of the wrapped candies. The length of the 2 wrapped candies and ribbon is different, so just balance it to the center.
5. Using the blue and pink ribbon, tie and make a double knot or make a bow between each cluster of the candy lei. Remember, tie it tightly.
6.  Bring the two ends of the candy lei together and tie it tightly.


Anyway, I made two candy leis. I just lessen the length of the lei. change the color of the ribbons  and I added flowers on it. I use ribbon again to tie the flowers. You can add more flowers if you like.


Just follow the picture on how to make a flower for the lei. Put a tape to secure it.


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