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“Bella’s Garden”, words that are written in the fabric banner,  I decorate this simple banner  in the main entrance going to the garden  where I am working.  Yes, this is a fabric banner that my cousin Jimphot made it for me.  I gave him the materials and easy instructions, then as easy as one, two, three. Done!

Anyway, this garment is an old table runner of my neighbor. She handed it to me. Since this is too long and we don’t have a long table, I just recycled it.




How To Turn Table Runner Into A Banner?







long, thick garment – any plain color

paint brush
Acrylic paint – color orange, yellow and white
bamboo stick


What to do:


Cut the fabric according to the size of the banner you like. Using a pencil, write the words you like to put in the banner. Paint it with the color you like. Draw some flowers in the garments as background. Put a stick on the upper part of the banner as a holder. Then, put a string on the left side of the stick and connect it to the right side of the stick.


You can hang now the fabric banner anywhere in your garden.


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