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Though I only have a few ponies and horse toys, I really tried to sort them neatly. Since they are cute and adorable, I’d love to put them in a place where kids can see them. I display them in a white wooden shelf. Then I also place some little pony in a glass box. Right now, they look good on their little spaces.



How To Organize  Ponies And Horses


What I Used:


Wooden Shelf
glass box



1. I simply sort ponies, according to their sizes. Then I sort them according to their poses.
2. Then I display them on the shelf.
3. I put the smallest ponies in a glass box.


That’s it for now.  Looks like my messy toys are in now in proper places. One step at a time. For now, That’s all I’ve got. Maybe soon, if the quantity increases. I have these ideas already on how to organize it.


1. Sort them by sizes or height.
2. Sort them by colors.
3. Again, I like to display them according to their poses.
4. Additional glass box and shelves.


Though, I can suggest, that it’s also good to organize them by series or by category. Just like, you can arrange them, by family, by circle of friends. But then again, for me, I still like to see them in a messy position. So I’ll stick to my 3 ideas of organizing it.


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