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At first, I am hesitant to decorate the apartment with Pink motif. There are some questions that bothers me. What if, the guests are group of males? What if, they hate Pink? Oh, I just hope, if that is only the available room, crossing my fingers, hope they will take it. But then again, I was surprised! The first who occupies the room is a male US Navy retired. Then second tenant, a couple with two teenager male sons. Beforehand, it’s good to tell the truth. One must mention that the room theme is a Hello Kitty inspired. It’s funny, so far, all we got from the the response of the clients are sweet smiles and cute laughter. Meaning, they like it!


Why I decorate the room with Hello Kitty as my inspiration?


I am inspired by this little girl holding a Hello Kitty doll. I always see her cuddling her toy. Then I told myself, looks so cool!  Since we have some Hello Kitty stuffs that are new but stuck in the cabinet, why not use them. So I did!  Since the wall is painted with white, it’s easy to decorate.





I change the paint of the brown color bamboo chairs into white. And put some throw pillows with Hello Kitty covers. The center table have a linen Hello Kitty too. Quite simple, but it’s okay to look at. All the curtains are designed with Hello Kitty.





The bedroom area are not all covered with Hello Kitty. In fact, I used some plain Pink bedding and added some printed Pink pillow covers. I also accentuated the room with Hello Kitty mirror, tissue box, mini organizer box and mini desk lamp.




From the dining area, to make it simple the wooden table and chairs are painted with white.  It is accentuated with Pink chair pad. It’s cute to use some Hello Kitty place mats too. Bowl and coffee mugs have Hello Kitty designs too. There are hooks in this unit, the more the better! One can sort on these hooks, from the stuffs like, hand bags, belts, accessories.  I also make some notice signs with Pink color or Hello Kitty background and stick them near the switches. The wall looks so bare, that’s why I decided to put something. Since I got only few stuffs for decoration. I printed some Hello Kitty pictures, framed it and I just hang them on the wall in the living area.

For now, this is a minimal Hello Kitty inspired apartment. Maybe soon, more kitties will occupy the unit and more meows to come!

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