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Since I am preparing for Easter Egg Hunting activity in my work place. I’ve got some Easter craft ideas that are not hard to make and not expensive. I like to put a rabbit but, I am not good on drawing, that’s why I downloaded a bunny template. I ask the help of the kids and my sister to help me in my project. I am sure they also like doing some crafty works because they love crafting. These mini Easter baskets are so simple and easy to do.



Recycled empty boxes of juice are great materials for making a basket. We also used old cloth to cover the outer surface of the basket as well as the basket holder. If you cannot cut the box, just the way I did for the holder, you can do the other step I wrote from the methods below.



What we used:


empty juice boxes
card stock or colored folder
glue gun
old cloth
old white towel (for the bunny tail)
bunny template (downloaded from Just Measuring Up)
craft knife


What we did:


1. Cut the bunny template, use a card stock, trace the bunny and cut it.
2. Using a craft knife, cut the box into half. Use the other half to make a holder of a basket. Cut at least 2 inch wide and 12 inches long. Form this a holder for the basket. Attach it into the basket by using a stapler.
3. Cut the cloth according to the size of the box. Cover the box with the cut cloth and use a glue gun to secure it. Then cut also a long strips of cloth. Cover the holder of the basket by using again a glue gun. Optional, cut strip of white towel, using a glue, surround it on the upper layer of the basket
4. Glue the bunny in the basket.
5. Cut small circle from the old white towel and glue it as tail of the bunny.


Whoala! Ready for hunting?
This can be a giveaway basket for any occasion too, instead of sticking a bunny, you can stick your character theme party.


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