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Yes, I offered my long beautiful hair for one of the children or women battling cancer and here is the Certificate of Appreciation in recognition of my kind donation that was given to me by Cuts Against Cancer – Donate Your Hair Today

“Making a child or a women smile and feel good again who has lost their hair to cancer chemotherapy or other medical reasons.” – that’s is all about Cuts Against Cancer Team.





Two and a half years ago, I stumbled to their Facebook fan page, then I read their posts. I really wanted to cut and donate my hair at that time, but there is something wrong with my hair, half of it is dyed. Though the length of my hair is good enough for hair donation, I am not able to process it because the condition of my hair is colored. From that day on, I kept on my mind, what kind of hair is not acceptable for donation.





Back then, I always have a long hair. I only tell the lady from the salon to trim it to 1 or 2 inch every 4 months and I never cut it so short. I can say, my weight always changes, I gain weight, I can lose weight, sometimes also, I have a fair skin, then it turn back to my “morena” complexion…but still, as you can see in my collage pictures, I always had a long hair. And I am happy with it! From styling my hair, curling it, using clips, headbands and ponytails. Then everything change…. I thought my simple happiness is just for that. But the real and bigger happiness is to cut my hair and donate it to someone who no longer have it. Yes, I value my long hair, but the act of kindness for them is what matters most.


This is my little experiences before my hair was shipped to Ms. Joysie Mongkal, a CAC Volunteer from the Philippines; At the Salon, I ask for a rubber band, the lady told me they don’t have. Then I asked Monina, one of my companion to buy for me to the nearest shop.  It’s already 15 minutes, and we are still waiting for her. So, I ask the lady from the salon to cut first my sister’s hair before she will cut mine. Then, finally Monina arrived and I collect all my hair at the nape and tie it with an elastic band. Then the lady from the salon  cut it and I put in a Ziploc. They are laughing at me for they thought, I am just putting in a plastic for a remembrance. Then I explained to them, I will donate it and they just smiled. The next morning, I told my sister to a courier and ship it. When she arrived, she told me that the employees in the courier shop told her that it was their first time to send a hair with an elastic band, mostly its wig. They also laugh, but when my sister explains what I told her, then they smile. So that’s it! Until I received a text message from the courier that it was already received by Ms. Joysie. Then I smiled too. Because I know someone out there will be smiling soon.





There are some reminders before you can cut and donate you hair. Kindly review this IMPORTANT NOTE from a page in their site.


Be an inspiration. Let’s support!

Be a volunteer today! Be their partners! Donate your hair, donate financially or organize hair donation/fundraising.

Visit their website: Cuts Against Cancer – Donate Your Hair Today

Facebook Page: Cuts Agains Cancer – Donate Hair Today




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