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If you visit the office where I work, you can see the latest postcards that I received for the week from the wall. If someone handed me a new postcard or if the mailman dropped postcards in our mailbox, for sure it will be clipped  immediately to this wall. My new postcards are hanged here for 2 weeks. People who always visit the office always have a new site to look at  from our wall.


Anyway, I simply crafted that Bamboo frame and it’s so easy to make! I just gathered those sticks from the garden.


How to make a bamboo frame?


What you need:


2 pcs., 2 meters bamboo sticks

3 pcs., 1 meter bamboo sticks

thin steel wire ( you can use nylon)



How to do it:


  1. In a flat area, arrange the bamboo sticks by making a rectangle shape with 1 bamboo stick in the middle.
  2. Use a plier to secure every corner with wire.
  3. Then, put 3 wires in horizontal lines. It’s here where you will clip those postcards. You can put any decoration. For me, I put some hanging lamps.


You can hang your own pictures too, if you like it.


Easy craft!

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