I Won A “Mommy-preneur” Package!

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How I won the Mommy-preneur package from Pampanga’s Best?


I joined in their “Sweet Taste of Home “, weekly challenge, which is, “MAKE YOUR OWN BENTO USING PAMPANGA’S BEST PRODUCTS!” And one of their mechanics is to show, how you’re family enjoying it.


And, these are the Bento Boxes that I made.



Though it’s my first time to make my own Bento, I also enjoyed preparing it. Anyway, before making my Bento, I also design the area for our photo shoot. Most of the decorations are old, I just borrowed my neighbor’s decoration from his son’s previous birthday decors..

And this is my family picture, eating happily our foods on Bento boxes. My photo entry for the challenge.


Credits to my sisters for capturing our photos.

So this is it! My grand prize from Pampangas’s Best, 1 Freezer and products from Pampanga’s Best.





Thanks to Pampanga’s Best for being a part of their many winners. I am now an instant dealer of Pampanga’s Best. Now, I am planning how I can sell all these products. Sana lumago ang aking negosyo! Isn’t that so cool?

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