Smart Party Planning

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One will never have a party blues if you are a smart planner. It will only take some good planning for organizing a fun and exciting  party. Here are some tips for giving an organize  birthday treats for your kids:





1. First, pay attention to your budget. If you prefer a simple one, lesser expenses, but if you want it to be extravagant, then better withdraw  some more cash.


2. Now, consider the basic elements of a party.

a. the venue – it can be in your home, garden, restaurants or hall
b. the foods – you can prepare and cook it by yourself or hire food caterers (less obligation)
c. the invitations – you can just order it or simply inviting them through phone
d. the decorations and giveaways – you can do it with your kids, doing crafty ideas with kids is worth remembering. But if you are busy, most rented halls or restaurants are the one decorating the place.
e. the cakes and balloons – there are plenty of shops where you can order, be sure to order it 1 or 2 weeks before the party.


3. Although a party only takes hours, remember that planning ahead is very important. The preparation period is a must.


4. Every child have interests, so asked their opinions too. Celebrants will enjoy more their party if they choose what theme they like.


5. If you can’t prepare everything, hire a party planner or you can also hire entertainer or host-game-master like magicians.


6. Always bring your camera. Remember, for every smile, for every game, for every activity, it’s good to record it.


Enjoy and have lots of fun.