Thanks for dropping by. It’s me, Ate Aliz, the editor of this blog. This site will talk about anything under the heat of the sun and under the coolness of  the captivating moon light.  I’ve got contributors here, my creative crafters, my fellow cooks, and my travel buddies….tan-ta-ran…the members of my family. There you go, here we share more on  food and crafting side of  our life. You will see little bits of our travel escapades, drops of our health related thoughts, and an iceberg of inspirations and full bucket of being grateful.


Our favorite foodie quote,


“You can’t just eat good food. You’ve got to talk about it too. And you’ve got to talk about it to somebody who understands that kind of food.”

                                                                                                           ― Kurt VonnegutJailbird

Well, sometimes I really like telling long stories………


It all started from an old cookbook that was handed to me by my neighbor, who is checking out of the apartment that she used to rent. I scrolled the book from one page to another, At that time, I was really amazed with the pictures of the foods on it, until I began craving for it, and found myself,  hanging out from the kitchen where I worked, and trying to follow the recipes on it. Then as years passed by, I also found myself surfing for more recipes from the net and reading more eBooks related to foods.

Until one day, I tried my luck or should I say, my capability in a foodie competition like; food photo contest, cooking contest and even food decorating contest. I am thankful because my first try of competing gave me my first break for my love of foods. Anyway, there are times that I like joining in a foodie contest because, I like to use their product and make my own recipe out of it, or just by copying their recipe and join for a foodie photo contest. Well, there are times that I won and there are times that I don’t make it. But then again, learning about how to cook is also a trial and error, That’s why I am not afraid to keep on cooking despite of being defeated. My determination and willingness to achieve something is important to note that learning what’s in the kitchen is a continuing process.

Come,  join me together with my family and let’s have a food trip. With all that I said, the determination and willingness to achieve our  goals is important to note that learning more what’s happening in one’s kitchen is a continuing process. That’s why, you can expect to find practical ways, cooking lessons, more foodie pictures on our blog. Don’t worry, we will also mix some foodie pictures for you to sight and I will drop some little ingredients of our personal story to spice it up.
I hope you stick around! Happy Reading!