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This is the cute birthday invitation card that I received from my cousin a week ago. His daughter Shede just celebrated her birthday in a beach resort.  As you can see from the invitation, “As the swimming pool is tempting, a suit and a towel— you may want to bring.” So, I did! I brought a towel and an extra shirt. I am not going to swim, but, I just brought my protection from the splash.




Well, I  prepared a gift for her. My idea is to give something that has different colors. Since she is turning seven, I decided to give her a set of hangers. Something she can use in her closet. She is a kid, but she can lend some help in doing some household chores, and to start it, she can hang her own clothes on her own hangers. In order to be safe, the hangers don’t have a sharp edges to protect her hands and the garments. So, the hangers are padded with silky satin. These are smooth and glossy. I also added some cute colorful mini hangers with a ribbon design in the middle. Isn’t that so cute?




At first, I didn’t know that it’s a rainbow theme because the invitation card have a cute cool lemonade color. But when they advice my sister to make a rainbow made of balloons, that’s the time I was able to know it. I like giving something personalized too.  That’s why, I printed a birthday card with a rainbow on it. Then I simply punched it to the colored paper bag.



The theme of Shede’s birthday party is Rainbow. Her family decorated the venue so cool and lovely. The kids really enjoyed playing at the pool. The unicorn party pool float in the pool made them more happy. Everyone also had a great time having a picture taking with the rainbow balloon arc as background. My companions really enjoyed the party as well. What a fun-filled party! It’s indeed my pleasure to be invited.

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